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WRIST ARTHROSCOPY TOUR- Paris, Lyon, Reims March 26-30th, October 22-26th - 2012

For info please contact Prof Christophe Mathoulin


Dear friends,

We organize twice a year a special session called "Wrist Arthroscopy Tour" from Monday till Friday the last week of March for the spring session (26-30th) and the last week of October for the fall session (22-26th).

As you know the purpose is to be able to attend in of numerous wrist arthroscopies directly in the operating  theater in a "compagnonage" way.

The organization of the week will so take place:

Monday PARIS-LYON :  TGV from Paris to Lyon at 9.54 am, welcome reception by Dr. Rizzo, lunch then        operation (Clinique du Parc) with dr. Rizzo

Tuesday LYON :Morning operation with Prof Herzberg (Hopitaux de Lyon),

                           lunch and Afternoon operation with Dr. Garret (Clinique du Parc)

                           Return to Paris on Tuesday evening

Wednesday PARIS: Morning : Free morning in Paris

                            Lunch at 12.15 pm Clinique Jouvenet Paris with Pr. Mathoulin

                            Afternoon operation with Prof Mathoulin (Clinique Jouvenet)

TGV (HST) to Reims on Wednesday, welcome reception by Xavier Martinache and Jean-           Michel Cognet

Thursday REIMS :  Operation with Dr. Martinache and Jean Michel Cognet

                               Return to Paris on Thursday afternoon

                               Free evening in Paris

Friday PARIS : Morning operation with Dr. Fontes (Clinique Paris-V) (cf attachment)

                               Afternoon operation with Dr. Roure (Clinique Paris-V)

The TGV(HST) makes the movements very easy and very short (45 minutes for Reims, and 2 hours for Lyon)

If you are interested to attend it, please contact me at this email address


Prof. Christophe MATHOULIN

Institut de la Main, Paris

  • Author : Mathoulin Christophe
  • Date : Jeudi 15 Mars 2012