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WRIST ARTHROSCOPY TOUR - November 2-7Th 2009-March 22-26th 2010 - October 18-22nd 2010

The organization of the week will so take place:

Monday PARIS : Welcome and preparation of the week:
monday morning (Prof. Mathoulin, clinique jouvenet) at 10h30
TGV for Lyon in the afternoon, welcome reception by Prof. Guillaume Herzberg

Tuesday LYON :Morning operation with Prof Herzberg (Hopitaux de Lyon),
lunch and Afternoon operation with Dr. Garret (Clinique du Parc)
Return to Paris on Tuesday evening

Wednesday PARIS: Morning Wrist arthroscopy on corpses (Fer à Moulin)(Stryker)
(Dr. Fontes, Dr. Leclercq, Prof.Mathoulin, Dr. Roure)
Afternoon operation with Prof Mathoulin (Clinique Jouvenet)
TGV (HST) to Reims on Wednesday evening, welcome reception by Xavier Martinache

Thursday REIMS: Operation with Dr. Martinache and Dr. Cognet
Return to Paris on Thursday afternoon

Friday PARIS: Morning operation with Dr. Fontes (Clinique Paris-V)
Afternoon operation with Dr. Roure (Clinique Paris-V)

The TGV(HST) makes the movements very easy and very short (45 minutes for Reims, and 2 hours for Lyon)

Prof. Christophe MATHOULIN

  • Author : Mathoulin Christophe
  • Date : Lundi 02 Novembre 2009