The AGENDA for the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of EWAS to be held Friday June 15, 2018 at 13:00 ? 13:45. in ARKADEN 8,


to be held Friday June 15, 2018 at 13:00 – 13:45
in ARKADEN 8, The conference center, during the FESSH meeting in Copenhagen

1. Introductory remarks from the Secretary General.
2. Presidential Report.
3. Report from the Journal of Wrist Surgery.
4. Update on meetings and courses and future directions.
5. Report from Internet committee.
6. Report from Studio Progress (Secretary Office).
7. Membership. New members, suspensions, exclusions.
8. Financial Report.
9. Decision of membership fee (including subscription of JWS).
10. Change of By-laws.
(The current By-laws read:


Suggested change of By-laws by adding some lines at the end:
“He/she is responsible for all discussion and negotiation with potential partners
and sponsoring companies, and based on the arrangements negotiated will serve
as the person to approve expenses according to the agreement with the company
(-ies). The rules for reimbursement previously approved are not valid any more”.

11. Election.
New Chairperson of the Internet committee
12. Outgoing of the President and Inauguration of the New President.
13. Next GA.
14. Any other issue to be discussed.

Oslo, May 10, 2018
Jan Ragnar Haugstvedt
Secretary General, EWAS


  • Author : Messina Jane
  • Date : Mardi 15 Mai 2018