Dear Friends,
It has only been six months since I have been elected as President of the EWAS and I would like to express, to all of you, my happiness about the progress of our group but especially to extend my sincere thanks to our Secretary Christophe, who is the brain and fuel of our society.
Now, I would like to make a brief summary regarding our society’s progress over the past years. 
During the Strasbourg course, we came together to discuss future development strategies for our group in anticipation of the European Hand Congress. More than 30 participants completed the course and are anticipating the following courses that we are organizing. Our Secretary has informed me that there are over 150 candidates waiting to register for the courses! We are happy for these requests and interests, but at the same time, trying to figure out how to meet such numerous demands. Maybe, each expert should organize and set-up their own arthroscopy courses in collaboration with EWAS. A course is now being organized in Barcelona by myself and Dott. Andrea Atzei , as well as, another course which will take place in Poland.
Part of this work has been set-up by Max Haerle in Stuttgard and I thank him for his Wrist Arthroscopy and Live Surgery Course.
I would also like to thank a dear friend, Igo Goldberg who is also the President of the Israelian Society of Hand Surgery. He invited both myself and Christophe to Cesarea as guest speakers for an Arthroscopy Course held in conjunction with the Israelian Society of Hand and Orthopedic Surgeons. I rediscovered a world, which I had already seen over 20 years ago, but Igo had us seen the ancient cities of Jerusalem, the city of David and Masada all from a different perspective.
An Advanced Wrist Course, post IFFSH Congress, took place in Cairns Australia this March and was so well organized by Bain. The Course was extremely informative and scientifically profitable since it united international experts in this field from America, Asia, Europe and Australia.
The FESSH Congress in Athens (Greece) was also very rewarding considering that the session held on wrist arthroscopy was so full of participants that there was not even enough standing room. A special thanks goes out to all the speakers who presented such highly scientific papers, Tommy, Didier, Paco, Andrea, and once again Christophe, not to mention two “newcomers” Ferdinando and Darlis. The “face to face” debate between, our secretary Christophe and Marc Garcia-Elias, on wrist arthroscopy versus an open field technique, was so thoroughly explicit and was presented in such a precise and evidence based manner, that it looked at this heated issue from all angles and was addressed with such intelligent humour and with that it will be a Hand Surgery roundtable debate that will go down in history.
The courses that have taken place in February 2007 up until today have made our group grow exponentially! We are truly working well and our presence at scientific congresses, presentations and publications is proof of this. An important award has been given to one of our members, Doctor Andrea Atzei who won the Whipple Award for his presentation regarding the New Type 2B Palmer classification for TFCC Injuries. It is a great satisfaction to know that it will finish (I hope!!) in a great dinner in
We have organized numerous courses for the future. To name a few: remember that there will be a Course in Innsbruck (September 2007) held by Zimmerman and Gabl at which time Andrea Atzei and myself will discuss the importance of Wrist Arthroscopy in association with open field technique procedures; The American Hand Surgery Congress will take place on the 8th of September 2007 and Paco will present some of his wrist arthroscopy experiences. Last but not least, our Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy course will be held in November and guest speakers will include: Geissler and Badia with Kopilov as co-moderator.
I must also remind all of you, that there is another important date to mark on your calendars that is coming up next year and involves one of our younger wrist arthroscopy specialist Loris Pegoli: It is the combined APSSH Congress in Hong Kong that will be held in February 2008 and there will be a pre-congress “Wrist Arthroscopy Course” also held in Hong Kong in association with our society member Doctor Ho. Unfortunately, Christophe will not be attendance at this Congress since he will be in Brasil representing us at another Congress, but I can assure you, that whoever is chosen to substitute him will also be an asset to the pre-congress.
Other important dates: March 08 Miami congress with Alex Badia, April 08 Cortina congress with Da Rin and Luchetti, May 08 Wrist Arthroscopy and Surgery Course in Barcellona (Luchetti and Atzei) and our association Course (EWAS) in February and November.
As you can see we are dealing with a very interesting topic which has been strongly requested by many societies. We have been eagerly welcomed, since we have proven to be scientifically prepared and are conscious, and at times humble, as to the impact that this type of surgery renders. We must not forget that we are hand surgeons first and foremost, and need to be well experienced when deciding between open and arthroscopic surgical techniques. If we handle arthroscopy as a precious gem, then we will recognize its importance and weigh out its limits. We obviously see the utmost importance of maintaining our tight bonds with our mother society, FESSH, and help along our young specialists to develop into experts, so as to carry on this specialization and remain faithful to these surgical principles.
Greeting from your President Luchetti Riccardo as we continue on this way
The President
Riccardo Luchetti
  • Author : Luchetti Riccardo
  • Date : Mardi 13 Novembre 2007